Angel numerology and angel numbers

Numerology is a magical and irrational belief that aims to link numbers and sometimes letters with human destiny or events of the future.

Numerology, in general terms, is the study of numbers and their meaning according to the first and last name or the date of birth. It is used to determine

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angel numbers are very significant

the personality type and the angel number, inner needs or talents of an individual. Are you interested and want to know a little more? Well then do not miss what we prepare for you in angel numbers and their meaning.

How does it work with angel numbers

The universe has its particular vibration and its own frequency. By finding the kind of vibration of each object you can establish the energies and qualities that are associated with these elements. With numerology, angel number 555 exactly the same thing happens, because each number emits its own frequency, which serves to study and determine the energies of each person using only their full name and / or date of birth. By calculating these frequencies, important information about the personality and character of the person in question is obtained.

In angel numbers, the values ​​of the complete name as those of the date of birth are reduced to only one digit between 1 and 9, with the exception of numbers 11 and 22 which are called “special teachers“. For example, in the case of the number 17, this would be reduced to the sum of angel number 1919 resulting in the number 8. The letters of the name, according to their location in the English alphabet, are transformed into numbers and these are add up to achieve a single digit.